labelHiploose Custom Clothing is the premiere bespoke clothing provider for men and women. We specialize in designing and crafting custom tailored suits and shirts. We also provide custom blazers, blouses, slacks and overcoats. Also check out our shoes, ties and cuff links. Start assembling your garment NOW! We are proud to announce that we can now deliver your garment from 2-to-4 weeks! Great for wedding orders! Call us 1-888-520-3621 to schedule an appointment.


When crafting our Bespoke suits and shirts we start with finding the very finest cloth! We only show our clients the best cloth from the best fabric mills, whether English Worsted Wool or Italian Wool Cashmere. Our garments stand out for their superior quality, craftsmanship and most importantly the fit. Wearing a high quality suit is one thing but wearing a suit designed andlapelPins circleT crafted to your exact style and fit is a whole new experience! Much has been made about the difference between Bespoke, truly custom cut AFTER measuring versus off-the-rack (OTR) tailored suits. Simply put a Bespoke garment is made after a customer picks a fabric, chooses their style preference and measurements are taken. A tailored off-the-rack suit or tailored custom suit or made-to-measure, ect. – as some say, are pre-made suits where they adjust a couple of sections of the suit, like the sleeve and pant. These garments are usually machine made in mass production and have been picked over.
Bespoke allows the customer to choose from an array of fine cloth, add their own style preferences and then have the garment crafted specifically to their measurements. The 30+ measurements taken allow our tailors to craft a garment to an exact fit. Other services include a varity of products & services : jeans, polo-shirts and athletic gear – all of which can be personalized with embroidery, screen printing, or simply personalized garment tags. All of our garments can be personalize with names or initials.