Hiploose White Label

Are you looking to start your own clothing brand?…then, you have come to the right place!

Thanks for relying on Hiploose as your small business and personal marketing experts. We will make your white label experience be one of the most life rewarding events ever.

We specialize in business development with services ranging from web design & online marketing, personal branding, to custom tailored garments. Hiploose allows you to put your best foot forward whether it be online or in person. We have developed and proven the most unique & efficient means for bringing your ideas to life. Your future clients will rave about the various products and services you are able to provide. And while our selection of services and/or products is extensive, if we do not have the right package for you please call about our package flexibility so that we may meet your needs.

Exclusivity Package –  Call for pricing

1. White Label Package –

2. Company Logo Design – Included

3. Custom Marketing Video – Included

4. Domain Name / Hosting (2-year plan) – Included

5. Website Template Customization – Included

6. Online Analytics (monthly report) – Included

7. Initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Included

8. Social Media Profiles – Included

9. 3 Bespoke Suits

10. 5 Bespoke Shirts

11. 500 Custom Garment Labels

12. Training Package

We can be reached at 888.520.3621. Give us a call today!